Marketing Italian Food is based on the general concept of offering its customers the opportunity to receive all the best. Due to this strategy, we selected the best brands and products from Italy of the important leaders in quality and we collaborate with them to distribute and promote their products all over the Romanian market.

    We address to HO.RE.CA sector with a range of articles, diversified and adaptable to the requirements of each client.

   Marketing Italian Food means professionalism, through a well-structured logistics with weekly freight transports from Italy and its own operational distribution.

  The activity is organized at the warehouse, located in 39Fundeni st., the deliveries having coverage area throughout the country.


-deliveries in the shortest possible time

-products from fresh to ultra - fresh categories 

-maintaining the continuity and diversity of articles


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   Global School Palazzo Italia was set up at the beginning of 2020 and aims to support young people to discover their own personality and to be able to easily integrate into the labor market as well as for adults who want a professional  conversion, wishing to obtain this a qualification in the field or have the theoretical knowledge and practical experience (I know the job) but cannot prove the qualification.

   The courses are supported by the best trainers in the field, both in Romania and Italy, and the theoretical and practical modules are developed in its own laboratory, in Bucharest, individually equipped, according to the European standards in force.

   Global School is accredited by the National Authority for Qualifications for the courses of cook, chef, pizza, pastry-baker and sommelier, the students obtaining at the end of the course, after an examination a certificate of graduation recognized by the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Protection, The Ministry of National Education and the National Authority for Qualifications, accompanied by the descriptive supplement attesting the acquired competences.

   We also organize amateur courses for those who are passionate about cooking, courses for tasters - coffee, honey, water, salami, cheese. The courses are held at Palazzo Italia, 39 Fundeni st, Bucharest.

  Registration for courses is done by sending the complete form by e-mail to  or by accessing the page  for further information.


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     ACI - Associazione Cuochi Italiani was born in 2019 with its first objective of supporting and promoting the Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, promoting the "figure of the cook" as a health promoter, as well as the development of projects on food education, information and training in school institutions worldwide.


    We address to all the cooks, chefs, pizza chefs, pastry chefs, students of technological culinary institute, school managers, authorities, journalists, culinary critics, food vloggers, lovers of Mediterranean Cuisine - UNESCO Heritage, with the aim of taking into consideration the opportunity to become a member of the "Associazione Cuochi Italiani", having the opportunity to participate directly into the life of  association and to offer its own professional contribution, receiving instead a deserved moral and material recognition.



     FIC, Delegation Romania, represented by President Enza Barbaro, is active on Romanian territory, in order to support and promote MEDITERRANEAN CUISINE, as well as the enhancement of the imagine of the COOK, seen as a health promoter, in compliance with the ethic code every chef registered in FIC, Delegation Romania must respect.

The activities implemented in 2018, and also continuing in the next years, have made the FIC – delegation Romania the most aggregative reference point for about 60 Italian  Chefs active in Romania.

    The website  and the Facebook page are available for all information.



   Asociatia Lucani nei Balcani, Romanian association, operates at Palazzo Italia, supporting the Basilicata Region, from a tourism, historical and social point of view, also the promotional desks of the various Italian villages.

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   Circolo Imprenditori Italiani in Romania, chaired by dr. Gaetano Vernarelli, represents the associative reference of social support, active at Palazzo Italia, for the organization of socio-cultural, aggregative and leisure events, as well as the incoming of Italian groups in Romania.
    The ACIIR also promotes the Italian tradition, culture, suggesting tourist routes in Italy to all who made be interested.